WEBINAR: Cutting through the Greenwashing – Regenerative Organic Certification


In this one-hour webinar, The Rodale Institute, along with the Regenerative Organic Alliance, breaks down the difference between "organic" and "regenerative organic" and shares stories of farmers putting the new Regenerative Organic Certification into practice on farms and ranches across the globe. Register here.

WEBINAR: Developing Regional Infrastructure to Accelerate Your Suppliers’ Regenerative Transition


To increase regenerative acres in cultivation, companies often focus on two key areas: funding and education. While these are both critical, there are many factors companies must consider when looking to support a regenerative transition. This webinar by the Climate Collaborative will examine the critical role of infrastructure and how regionality may be one key […]

Building Soil Health on Organic Farms – for Ag Advisors

Rodale Institute 611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown, PA

Ag advisors and professionals are invited to a field day at Rodale Institutes research farm in Kutztown, PA. Researchers will share practical tools and strategies for improving soil health in organic field crop systems and discss how to support farmer clients assess their soil health.

Putting Crop Rotations to Work on Organic Farms

Purdue University Extension Wolcott

Purdue University Extension, DTC and OATs host a field day for agricultural advisors and professionals to share how to support farmer clients maximizing potential benefits from crop rotation. They'll also dusciss how to market crops that, while critical for their soil health building and agronomic benefits, are less common specialty crops. Register here.


Colorado STAR Event & Farm Tour

Monte Vista, CO

Colorado Department of Agriculture and Acres U.S.A. hosts the first Colorado STAR event on Saturday, August 13, 2022. This farm tour event includes a keynote from Jimmy Emmons, two local farm tours and ranches , program updates, guest speakers from the Colorado legislature, breakoutson soil science, farm economics and a panel discussion with local farmers […]

Regenerative Farming & Grazing Field Day by the Land Stewardship Council

Dakota, Minnesota

Join the Land Stewardship Council for a day discussing topics like no-till, 60-inch corn interseeded with a highly diverse cover crop mix, diversifying crop rotations, converting marginal ground to pasture, cutting applied nitrogen rates and managing profitability. Register Here

Applications Open: Conservation Innovation Grants for On-Farm Trials

Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) is a competitive grant program from the NCRS that supports the development of new tools, approaches, practices, and technologies to further natural resource conservation on private lands. Through creative problem solving and innovation, CIG partners work to address our nation’s water quality, air quality, soil health and wildlife habitat challenges, all […]

Acres U.S.A. Summer Intensive with Zimmer Ag

ZImmer Ag

Acres U.S.A. Intensives put attendees in the field with the instructor to learn with all five of their senses. You will hear practical and useful information, see how it is applied, smell and feel the difference in healthy soil, and finally, taste food grown on the farm and prepared by a local chef. Join Acres […]


Cover Crop Specialist Call

Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership

Join monthly conversations with cover crop specialists from across the Midwest region to discuss new research, troubleshoot field conditions, and keep current on programs. Register Here

Building Drought Resilience into Your Farm

Join us for this information-packed, interactive field day in New Mexico. Great Plains rancher and renowned educator Dale Strickler will lead the workshop and will share proven techniques to create agricultural abundance despite drought. Dale will help us Read the Land, Make Practical Plans, and Reap the Benefits of redesigning ag systems to catch and hold water, […]